Reflecting on my 2018 Goals and Resolutions

At the beginning of this year, I published two posts on my goals and resolutions for the year. To check out my 2018 goals click here to be redirected, and to be sent over to read my New Year’s Resolution post, click here. I thought I would reflect on the goals I set myself this year to see what I have accomplish, reflect on what I’ve learnt and to generate ideas for further improvement and goals in 2019.

Firstly started with my blogging goals, I aimed to achieve 8,500 views, 500 followers, 1500 likes and to post at least once a week, and 4000 twitter followers. Ok I didn’t quite meet all of these goals, but I smashed that number of followers! My blogging schedule again has been a little up and down this year, and in total Imade 42 posts, so I wasn’t far off one per week, but I could sometimes go a whole month without posting, and went through phases of sporadic posting, to sticking to a schedule of two posts per week, to not posting at all. I think I always underestimate how hard blogging is, and if I’m completely honest I just enjoy posting when the creative juices are flowing and not forcing myself to post something for the sake of it. However, I did keep my goal of reading and engaging with more blogs, and love setting aside time in the evening to sit and read lots of different posts.

My academic  goals were to achieve a 2:1 in my second year, which I actually attained, who would believe it! Also to complete my circles training; sadly this didn’t happen and was pushed aside as I knew I couldn’t commit anymore. Another academic goal was to get more organised and complete all of my university reading every week, this is also linked to one of my new year’s resolutions. I have become a lot more organised over the past year; on a personal level and academically however I didn’t quite do all the reading. If youre a student, you will understand what I’m getting at when I say as it gets nearer to the end of the term and deadlines are looming, you start to change your prioritize and often at the bottom of the list is certain university readings and seminar preparation. Maybe next term?

My personal goals for the year were to completely my BSL course, travel to at least 7 places, more charity work, and continue to take more photos. Unfortunately I am nowhere near completing the BSL course, however I’ve done a lot more work with different charities this year and have taken a hella lot of photos. I have also been fortunate enough to do a lot of travelling this year and have ticked 7 places off my list; Liverpool, Sheffield, Calella, Barcelona, Varna, Lockerbie in Scotland, Chester, Rethymno and Blackpool. I have been very lucky and grateful for this year.

Lastly, looking back at the self-care goals I set myself, shamefully I completed none of these goals, and so this is something I need to definitely work on in 2019, I don’t even want to talk about how bad my self-care really is, I need to start looking after not just my body but also my mind in 2019 especially with the intense year ahead.

Moving onto reflecting upon my new year’s resolutions…

One of my resolutions for 2018 was to visit more places, and as previously mentioned I have ticked a LOT of places off this year, and I cannot wait to start making more plans for 2019. On the other side of this, I set myself the goal to start saving. In my defence I have always been a good saver, and only spend on essential, with the odd Primark splurge from time to time, but I have made some huge purchases in 2018 including: a MacBook, new car, 4 holidays/staycations, day trips, and a new bed. But hey, they were investment products OR life experiences so I aren’t complaining.

I also made a resolution to work harder and get more structure in my life. I personally feel I’ve stepped up my game a lot this year, with the motivation of work hard, play harder, and as much as holidays are big rewards, I work hard so I deserve to spend my money and my down time as I please.

Another resolution for 2018 was to sort out my sleeping pattern. I have found this very, very difficult as a student. Some days I don’t have to be up until around 9, when I’m at work I’m up at 5.50am, and other days I can’t help but have a sleep in to catch up on missed sleep from the rest of the week, so in short, my sleeping pattern is still a mess, however hopefully with my new bed I might actually start getting 8 hours continuous rest a night and somehow get some structure to my sleeping pattern.

The next resolution was to cook and bake more, I absolutely love doing both of these, and again struggle when juggling work and uni, but especially during uni holidays I am cooking every evening, and I love it.

A more unique resolution for 2018 was to complete the ‘one-second daily’, where you take a one second video every day and save it onto the app, so at the end of the year it can be compiled into one big video. I haven’t done too bad with this actually, I’ve missed the odd day, but apparent from them, I have succeeded!

My last three resolutions were to read more, drink more and use my gym membership. I read a few books this year, and more than 2017, so I could say I can tick that one-off. I have become a look more conscious of my water consumption, and realised what effect this has on may body, especially my skin. However, I cancelled my gym memberships (yes plural) this year, I just came to realise the gym isn’t for me, however I did join a social netball league and I absolutely love it still, so that’s a compromise on that resolution.

I think I did all right this year? What I do know though, is that it has been a busy year and I am so grateful for everything I have done and achieved.

What were your resolutions for 2018, and have you kept them? Keep your eyes peeled for my 2019 goals and resolutions coming soon!

Nat x

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  1. December 27, 2018 / 4:16 am

    So fun to read this, girl! Congrats on all you have accomplished. Seeing everyone’s resolution roundups is really motivating me to make a list this year. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when we write it out and make it on the forefront of your mind. Can’t wait to see all your accomplish in 2019!

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