Relaxing Spa Day at Manor House Spa

If I didn’t already receive enough surprises for my 21st, I was then taken by Adam for an unexpected spa day, to Manor House Spa. The spa is located in Birkenshaw, Bradford, which was just around the corner from the hotel we had stayed at the previous night (yes, another surprise!), that Adam took us to on the way home from Manchester Airport after arriving back in England after a week in Greece.


We arrived at the spa at around lunch time, and were greeted by the lovely staff who clarified the treatments we would like and took our details. We were then given a tour of the whole spa, including the facilities downstairs, and shower room, where our delegated lockers held our robes, slippers and towels.


Our treatments weren’t for another hour, so we were left to chill round the pool beforehand. There was a basement pool; with jacuzzi jets, outdoor hot tub , fresh water shower, and sauna also lounge beds to put your feet up and relax. It was a raining day so we couldn’t use the hot-tub before our treatments, but the second it stopped raining we jumped in.


We were then called at 2pm for our treatments. I opted for the back and shoulder massage, and the facial with hand and arm massage. Adam also opted for the same but with a scalp massage instead of the hand and arm.


I cannot describe how amazing my back massage was. I work in a busy cafe, often running around like a loon, as well as playing netball weekly and being a general busy body so I tend to get niggling pains in my back and I also have hyper mobile joints, so often have issues with my hands, wrists and elbows. She worked every single knot out of my back, even the stubborn ones, and completely stretched out and relaxed every muscle.

The oils they use during your treatments, are all chosen on the basis of how your body reacts to the oils. We were first asked what we’d most want out of our massages, and we both agreed on relaxation and rejuvenation, then we smell two different scents and whichever you were more drawn to, is the one that your body currently needs the most. I love how every single aspect of the massage is tailored to you as an individual. I’ve had quite a few back massages, but this was by far the best one.

The facial was also insane. I have oily skin, but with very dry patches and as well as this suffer with acne, which makes me a little apprehensive when going for a facial as my skin sometimes freaks when using new and layers of different and new products. Again, the facial was tailored to what you skin needed and your skin type. My skin felt so clean, and declogged especially after a week of wearing suncream.


During our time at the spa we were allowed unlimited hot and cold drinks. As well as this, we had the whole spa to ourselves, which was lovely to spend some quality time together relaxing and taking a break from our busy lives.

This is the best spa day I’ve ever been on, the facilities were beautiful, staff were amazing at their jobs and made you feel so chilled,  I felt insanely relaxed and it was a great way to allow head space before starting third year of uni.


Huge thanks to the Manor House Spa for a lovely day.

Nat x

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*this is not paid adversarial or sponsored – all opinions are honest and my own.


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