UPDATE: 21 Before 21…Did I Tick Everything Off My List?

On the 2nd September, I turned the big old age of 21! I had the best day, and the celebrations are still continuing, and will continue to the end of the month!. Last year I wrote a list of 21 things I wanted to accomplish before turning 21, so here is the update and you can see some of things I’ve been getting up to over the past 365 days…

  1. Complete a first aid course – I’ve wanted to be first aid trained for a long time, but my student budget doesn’t quite stretch this far so I’ve continuously put this off. However, this summer I worked with NCS, and as part of my training I was trained in basic first aid! Perks!
  2. Do something exciting (e.g zip-line, hot-air balloon ride etc) – When working with NCS, the young people did their residential week up in Scotland at Lockerbie Manor, so I got to take part in many activities with them including kayaking, SUPs, zip-wire, mountain-biking, high ropes and so much more! It was a great week and we couldn’t have asked for a more amazing bunch of young people. ACS_0217
  3. Finish my second year at uni with at least a 2:1 – WAHEY! I actually managed it, and I’m pretty smug. Go me!
  4. Go for a ‘night out’ in another city – Last November I visited Mol in Newcastle, and whilst I was there we had a night out with her lovely flatmate. Also, last week I went to Chester with my dad for my 21st and of course spent the night drinking!IMG_6536IMG_5453
  5. Visit Edinburgh – ok so this didn’t happen, but I am definitely going to make it happen in the next year or so, because I’m so desperate to go still.
  6. Change my hairstyle (and dye my ‘virgin’ hair!) – I’ve had my hair dyed twice in the last year. Well, when I say dyed I mean balayage, and I bloomin’ love it! I had a lot more blonde put in the second time, knowing I was happy with the colour. d147dfb7-0189-4dce-a691-7a70138b6e8e
  7. Complete a 5K charity run – last September I completed the Cancer Research Pretty Muddy 5K run, and managed to raise over £200…can you believe I actually managed to get to the finish line!?img_5424-1
  8. See at least three theatre performances – in the past year I’ve seen Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Beauty and the Beast Pantomime over Christmas, and Hairspray. I’ve plenty more lined up too, including going to see Matilda The Musical in Bradford next February for mum’s birthday!img_5210-1
  9. Redecorate my bedroom – I redecorated my room last year, and I still love it. It looks so much bigger, cleaner and fresher. I kept it all one colour; an off-white jade colour, so I could alter the look from time-to-time by changing the bedding, cushions, wall art, and other homey bits like candles and photos. Here are some before and after shots!IMG_4480IMG_5570
  10. Volunteer – Whilst at uni, I’ve started volunteering with Open Minds, where we go into local secondary schools and provide workshops on mental health, to enhance knowledge and positively influence attitudes and behaviours. I’ve really enjoyed this, and hope to continue volunteering in my third year.IMG_5821.jpg
  11. Engage in more self-care and focus more on my mental health – I’ve learnt a lot about myself and my mental health over the past year, including looking after my health by taking time to focus on myself from time-to-time. I still have a long way to go, but hey baby steps.
  12. Start doing ‘black-out’ nights once a month – this is something I never committed to, and I’m actually pretty gutted I didn’t. I live such a busy lifestyle and my idea of switching off and taking time for myself is often a chat with mum or Adam with the tele playing in the background and just some chill time watching a film in my room, so not a black-out night. Maybe sometime in the future I’ll be able to incorporate this into my lifestyle.
  13. Complete my BSL course – I’m slowly but surely trying to get myself through the course and learn British Sign Language, but I’ve just not had enough time to dedicate to it and complete it…one day, one day!
  14. Read at least two ‘classic’ books – again I just didn’t make enough effort. However I did buy some classic books, just need to do the bit where I actually read them!
  15. Save up for my first car – my biggest highlight of the last year is definitely getting my first car. There was no plan on getting a car until I’d finish uni but I wanted to start saving for when the time was right. If you read my ‘Life Update’ post back in April, you’ll know that I spontanouesly bought a car, and it was the best thing I’ve ever done. It has opened up a whole new level of freedom (even though mum was amazing when I was sharing her car), and I’m still in love!acs_0124
  16. Write a letter to myself to open when I hit my 30’s – I am still yet to do this, and is honestly something that skips my mind all the time. When I’m back from holiday this is something I definitely need to sit down and do!
  17. Go on a solo trip – last year I travelled by myself to Newcastle and Kent, and for me this is a huge accomplishment because as much as I love travelling, I’m a very anxious and stressed out traveller to. But hey I did it and I’d do it again!
  18. Apply for ICS – not only have I applied for ICS and am currently going through the application process, but this summer I also worked with NCS for 4 weeks; blog post going soon about my experience!
  19. Get back into reading; read 10 books – Ok, so I got back into reading, especially during the summer, but the only time I find myself reading is when I’m on holiday…again it comes down to having such a busy schedule. However, I managed to read 5 over the summer and throughout enjoyed all of them.
  20. Treat myself (and my mum) to a spa day – For mum’s birthday in February I bought her a spa day at Bannatyne, and we used it the day before we went on holiday so we were in full on relaxation mode.IMG_0309IMG_5519IMG_2979
  21. Go on a cocktail making class – during my second year at uni I joined the Cocktail Society, which means I’ve been to many mixologies over the past year. I’ve been elected as Press and Publicity manager for the society in my third year. Also, I was Kindly invited by Jalou York to a VIP cocktail masterclass, see the post here!acs_0149Picture1

Ok, so I accomplished 15/21, and started/near completed 2 more of them so I didn’t do too bad. This last year has flown by, and there has been so much going on, and I feel I’ve achieved so much in such a short space of time. My highlights include: Liverpool, the many musicals I’ve seen, Calella, being invited to my first blogging event, buying my first car, being elected as department rep, working with NCS, Bulgaria, completing the 5K run, Chester, and just so many more!

Here’s to another amazing year ahead!



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