30 Days of Gratefulness: APRIL

Today I am grateful for

1. Spending Easter Sunday with my family in Doncaster (and been cherished with a great Sunday Lunch and homemade pizza in the evening!)

2. I mean who doesn’t love a sausage sandwich for breakfast?

3. The girls and I playing the best we could against the top team in our social netball league


4. Meeting new people at the NCS training day

5. Spending my break at work chatting about life with one of the cafe’s regulars

6. Em’s Birthday Night Out boogying the night away


7. Not having a horrendous hangover (even though I was very tired!)

8. For Carina keeping me calm during the stressful library session on getting our heads around SPSS

9. TYROZETS existing (thank you body for blessing me with infected glands AGAIN)

10.  Getting some much needed fresh air at Netball

11. Had a lovely chilled evening watching Netflix with Adam

12. Being reunited with Tegan and her super cute doggo; a lovely day of catch-ups and giggles

13. I took a much needed 4 hour nap…it was so worth it



15. Actually (finally) starting my assessment that’s due in 4 days (fml)

16. Wrote, edited and publish my April Birchbox blog post, in my uni work break

17. Realising I did my whole assessment wrong, but retrivfying it without having a breakdown (wow, I impressed myself) – oh and coming second in the league at netball!

18. Miraculously submitting my deadline a day earlier!

19. Spontaneous post-deadline day out in Knaresborough with Carina, and the weather being a bliss 26oc


20. Spending some quality time with my dad, seeing Champions of Magic at the Grand Opera House – oh and the delicious food at Totos Italian


21. Celebrating the marriage of Tiff and Rich


22. Spending the whole day in bed watching trashy TV

23. Reunited with the uni girls after Easter break and a chilled (semi) productive evening doing work at Abbi’s

24. Learning where the Quiet Place is on campus and how beautiful and calming it is

25. Adam washing my car for me – what a gem!

26. Realising that degrading causes severe migraines, and that I was stupid I didn’t see this before!?!?

27. Seeing Fast and Furious Live in Sheffield, and spending some quality time with Adam (also social media free!)


28. Our second day in Sheffield; shopping and eating good food! OH and my first ever trip to IKEA!!


29. My dressing gown…as simple as that.

30. Finishing this post – accomplishing 30 days of gratefulness!

There is always something to be grateful for every single day – big or small. What are you grateful for today? 





  1. May 8, 2018 / 2:35 am

    Oh my goodness, I love this idea! It’s uplifting and positive. Would you mind if I copied the idea? Char // https://lunarchar.com/ xx

    • Natalie Hanson
      May 9, 2018 / 11:08 pm

      Thank you! That’s exactly why I did it life was getting a little stressful and overwhelming and I just thought I need to be more grateful of everything around me! Of course, I’d love to read yours! Xx

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