I’m Back! and a Life Update| Personal

Wow, it’s been far too long!

I feel like I’ve got a bit of explaining to do…the main and only reason I have not posted in so long, is because I’ve been completely swamped at university. I genuinely underestimated how intense second year would be, it’s got tough. Alongside uni and the huge amount of work, reading and assessments that comes with it, I’ve been working part-time, volunteering, doing extra-curricular courses, fulfilling my role as course rep, and trying to have some kind of social life, so blogging has been completely pushed aside. However, I am back, and to make up for the complete disregard for my blog, I’m going to try (please bare in mind I have three assessment deadlines due in the first week back after Christmas) commit to completing BLOGMAS!So, from 1st December, I will be uploading a post every day, and to make it even better, they will all be Christmas related.

But for now, here are some photographic highlights of the last few months, and my first term of second year…

Priscilla at York Grand Opera House

Adam’s Graduation

Pretty Muddy Race for Life

York Food and Drink Festival

Viking Raid and Other Uni Nights Out

Being Elected as course rep for Criminology

Halloween Cocktail Society Social

Work Night Out

Bonfire Night at York Maze 

Weekend away seeing Mol in Newcastle (and going to the Dog Café!)

Stranger Things 2 (I mean how couldn’t I put this in!)

COCKtail Society Bar Crawl

Again, sorry I’ve been so absent. But just you wait until the 1st of December! What are your highlights of the last few months?

Nat x


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