Summer Bucket List

Summer is my favourite time of year, and it is finally here! (well, when we actually get the sunny weather that is). There is SO much I want to do this summer (and have already done), so I thought you’d like to know what is on my Summer Bucket List…

Visit Sophie – I met Sophie 3 years ago on a holiday to Tunisia, and although I
haven’t seen her since, she still remains one of my closest friends. I’ve been saying I’ll go down and see her every year, but every time I’ve been put off by the cross over in London (I hate ‘busy’ cities, and have never passed through London by train before). BUT, at the beginning of June, I spontaneously booked train tickets, and I’m going to stay with her for 5 nights on Saturday (15th July). I am SO excited, and also a little bit nervous for the journey.


Parasailing in Tunisia 2014

Beach Holiday – My year isn’t complete if we don’t go on a beach holiday each year. I love travelling and visiting different countries. We have very recently returned from a week in Croatia, somewhere neither of us has been before, and we had te most amazing week…blog post coming soon! – If you want to see some more of my travel blog posts, click here!

Picnic – I love going on little adventures and finding perfect picnic spots, so I’m sure there will be many of these this year.

Camping – We have been camping for the last couple of years now, and we really enjoy it. It is such an inexpensive, but still a really enjoyable holiday.  We are booked to go to Great Yarmouth, for 7 nights in August.


Strawberry Picking – I’ve wanted to do this since being little, I think mum never took me because she knew I’d eat all the strawberries before even getting to the till!

Decorate My Bedroom – My room is in need of a refresh, and I’ve been needing a new carpet for a while now. So, we thought we would decorate my room whilst mum’s away in August. There will probably be a room transformation on here, once it’s finished.

Bike Ride – There’s something so simple but enjoyable about going for a bike ride on a sunny day.


Amsterdam – I am forever looking through photos, and things to do in Amsterdam. There is a long list! We are hoping to save up and go at the end of summer.

Forbidden Corner – I’ve been nagging Adam about
going to Forbidden Corner for over a year now. We went last year but the stormy weather meant we had to turn round and come home. This place looks amazing, and we are definitely going some point this summer.


What’s on your summer bucket list?




  1. August 10, 2017 / 7:09 am

    My kind of summer. I love going to the alps though. Fresh air.

    • Natalie Hanson
      August 10, 2017 / 8:13 am

      That sounds amazing!

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